Current Problems with Windows 10 and Automatic Updates

Many users have commended Windows 10 as a great improvement over the previous generations. It has the best features of classic Windows with the best features of Windows 8.

Nevertheless, no Windows software is totally safe from glitches, bugs and other harmful viruses including Windows 10. Although Windows 10 is not as bug-riddled as other forms, it is still subjected to the harms that other versions are prone to and users of this package have persistently reported a set of similar issues.

This article is cooked to examine some of those issues and to find solutionist updates to those.

1 Upgrade from Windows 7 or 8

There have been several reports about some Windows 7 or 8 refusing to upgrade to Windows ten. Just follow the step by step solution proffered below:

  • Open the Control Panel, run Windows Update and make sure the PC is fully up to date. If it fails to update, run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.
  • Use media creation tool. Don’t rely on GWX: visit click Download save the tool and run it on the PC you would like to upgrade. If it didn’t work for you when Windows 10 started, you should try it again now that some improvement has been done to the software.
  • Ensure that in the BIOS, the hardware Disable Execution Prevention is on. You will be referred to the motherboard manual if you need help.  If this does not solve it, go to the Start Menu for performance, run Adujust the appearance and performance of Windows click the Data Execution and Prevention tab and turn DEP on for every programme and service and reboot the system.

Can’t Upgrade to Latest Windows 10 Version

Windows 10 had a significant update (the Windows Update Fall update) in November but several users have failed to have it automatically installed. From the Start Menu, type the winver and Enter. The latest build number 10586.XX:  if you are still 10240 you’ve missed out. You can as well try to troubleshoot Windows Update  but it is  more advisable to use Media Creation Tool. You can simply download and install it on your it on your PC and have it upgraded. It will display Ready to install not showing anything about updates. Click on the install and all your files will remain untouched.

Have a lot less Free Storage

You may be oblivious of this but when you install Windows 10, the old version of the Operating System is hanging around, occupying useful space. This is because as soon as you install, the old version does not delete, it goes to the background with the name windows.old

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