Hi and welcome to the pages of Qld I.T. Solutions, Swerdna Infotech (& John Andrews). We provide I.T. & computer support in and around Brisbane’s Inner City and across the Western and South Western Suburbs to Ipswich (see map). We focus on MS Windows and Linux systems in homes and small businesses. We’re very good at what we do. Get in touch by Email or phone. Click through to the contact page.

Sorry all you Linux folks if you land on my work website by mistake. I can’t get Google to avoid it easily. If you want my free Linux tutorials you should go to my help portal.


We have many years experience installing, configuring, tuning and repairing every Microsoft Windows release for home and office computers from 95 through Win 7. Windows Help

Linux Guru’s will install, maintain and repair Linux operating systems for home or business. Save yourself thousands per user with Open Source software to match what Windows offers. Linux Help

Save heaps with remote servicing via the Net. Or we’ll come to you for the tough I.T. problems. Call the masters of disaster prevention and recovery. Check our services here.


Need a domain name with email? Or just email services? Need website design and hosting? Does your site feature in Google? Whatever your web, Internet or online requirements, see our Web Services.


Geeks are here to put you on the Net, wifi your home or business and setup your communications. Check out our local home & office LAN services and WAN remote services here.

Miscellaneous Articles

Like all green blooded geeks, I take a break from cyberland occasionally. Sometimes I muse on a high cliff where contemplative works are born, or brood over a bellowed fire and issue dark potions and remedies, or just go to the pub, the races, restaurants, casinos, or other healthy haunts, or like most peole born before Fast Food & TV took over, just read a book.

I only recently put this website up. So I would really appreciate some constructive criticism. Here’s an un-clickable email address:
Sorry but if I make it a link I’ll just get an avalanche of spam from prowling web spam robots. Anyway, drop me a line if you see something to improve, a broken link, if you have constructive criticism re an article I wrote, whatever. Cheers, Swerdna.