Kim Fredericks

Kim Fredericks is Practice Manager for the Queensland Heart and Lung Surgery, a group of Specialist Cardiothoracic Surgeons located at St Andrews Place, Spring Hill in Brisbane.

Queensland Heart and Lung Surgery

Queensland Heart and Lung Surgery has been using John Andrews I.T. services for a number of years now with complete satisfaction. John has set up a number of networks over the years for our medical practice as it has grown and expanded and has kept careful maintenance of them in that time.

It has been very helpful to have someone not only with a comprehensive understanding of of all things I.T. including our medical software package, but someone who is proactive and forward-thinking, anticipating the ever-changing needs and requirements of this practice from an I.T. perspective. This has helped us avoid what could have been certain disasters through failed hard-drives on workstations and servers.

A new element to our practice has been satellite clinics and work-from-home arrangements with access to our database achieved remotely, another initiative of John’s. Currently our website, designed and maintained by John Andrews, has allowed patients to access important health information for themselves in a convenient and timely manner.

I can thoroughly recommend John Andrews to any prospective business looking for exacting service provided reliably and courteously.

Kim Fredericks

Anne Thistleton

Anne Thistleton is the Owner Manager of The Baby Calmer, a business operating directly in South East Qld and throughout Australia over the Net.


The Baby Calmer

John has supplied and maintained my computing equipment and software for about ten years. In all that time I haven’t had a major disaster because of his foresight and attention to planning and detail.

When I have a problem or need an expansion he listens to my attempts to explain and then he lays out the technical solutions in ways the client can understand. He breaks the answer into components with budgetary implications that allow me to prioritise my options.

John doesn’t just fix things. He shows me what he’s doing so I can learn skills to cope next time. Often if the situation arises again I can fix things without needing to call him for help. But when I do need him he understands the urgency and responds ASAP because my computers are essential tools for my business.

For years I have had no attacks at all from viruses or adware because he has installed the best protection and taught me how to keep it up to date and running.

On one occasion I had a hard drive failure. He was able to restore Windows, all my programs and data in quick time because of the backup imaging and file copying routines he has put in place to run automatically after working hours. My business would have been seriously damaged without that support.

John has helped me put my website together, teaching me how to use the Joomla web control panel and editor, including uploading and positioning images and formatting website content. He is a patient teacher, flexible and very effective.

He designed my email stationery for me, giving my business email correspondence a most professional look.

Kathy Brown

Kathy is a freelance typist with workstations at home and in the city. She types on servers in clients’ offices across the internet using VNC and RDP remote connections.

Kathy’s Typing Service

I run a medical practice typing service from home. For the past 18 years I.T. soultions has kept my computers working and trouble free. I have expanded my technology now so that I type directly to servers in various medical practice locations. John created the internet connections for me and keeps them going 24/7. If I have a problem, he’s there ASAP.

I couldn’t keep the level of work from home going without support from someone like John. I recommend him to you for your I.T. completely 100%.


I write tutorials in Linux I.T. for people to access from the web. These are a few comments from satisfied Linuxers.

Emails from satisfied web clients

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for all the work AND sharing you’ve been doing. I’ve found your work immensely valuable (as in, a real f*#!^g lifesaver!). Thank you, thank you, thank you! O yeah, my name is ……. but I go by onewing online. See you around.


Thanks for some information that I found on your site. I have been having trouble with a Vista computer seeing all of the workgroup computers in our network. I made the changes to our Samba server that enabled the Linux Local Master Browser. PROBLEM SOLVED!! You are a great resource.


This evening I was having trouble moving a lot of files from my Suse systems to my external USB drive. I tried anything I could find in GUI-land, but was unable to write to the drive no matter what permissions I set. Your page, advising that I umount and then mount the drive at the command line, using ntfs-3g, was a simple, quick solution for me. Thanks for taking the time to write it up and post it online. The page helped me a lot.


I have long lost count of the number of times you’re tutorials have been of immense help. Today, it happened to be the one on setting up an IPP print server. I was searching the forums for some insight, when I noticed your name on a posting, with a link to your tutorial. I found myself letting out an audible sigh of relief, confident now that I would have my print server up and running in no time!


I’d just like to thank you for the clarity and detail that you’ve provided in this tutorial; as a newbie to linux, I’ve been struggling with the concepts, and having great difficulty readjusting to working at the command line after 15 odd years of windows GUI. You’ve helped me restore my hairline!!! Good health to you & yours.