Services For Linux In Brisbane

pjHi, I’m John. Linux is the rage new Desktop replacing Windows. Linux and Linux software packages are free! It’s pretty easy and intuitive stuff. Most folks cut their teeth (and wallets) on Windows and some find Linux strange at first. Now there are Linux gurus in Brisbane to help you with your installations and configuration problems.

Linux Computer Services

We cover most aspects of Linux especially openSUSE and Ubuntu (Kubuntu too and Mint etc etc / whatever). Maybe I’ll just post a list of our focus areas and you can call me if you need any help.

• installation of Linux and setup of software packages
• multibooting Windows and Linux on the same computer
• getting hardware to work on Linux
• LANs: getting Linux and Windows (& Macs) talking together
• servers & clients: Apache, Samba, RDP, VNC, FTP etc
• NTFS and VFAT/Fat32 interoperability in Linux
• LAN, wifi and Internet connectivity
• data security, partitions, filesystems and backups
• and heaps more, just ask