Bartercard Is A Big Yes With Me

pjHi there Bartecard members. I’ve been in Bartercard for about 10 years or so and I really like it. Can’t get enough. So don’t click off, read on instead.NEWS FLASH: I’ve got some reconditioned computers to sell on full trade. E-mail me and I’ll be in touch, or simply call me.



Here’s a list of the sorts of things we like to do on Trade. It’s just some examples, call if you’re not sure:

• on site servicing (or remote services for long term clients)
• diagnose & repair Windows installations, software & peripherals
• service workstations and/or home & office networks
• protection and recovery from malware and viruses
• backup routines and disaster prevention
• data rescue after a disaster has struck
• LAN, wifi and Internet connectivity
• website building, modification, repair and maintenance
• and heaps more, just ask